The Malware Conference started in 2010 and since then, it has been focused on serving the Infosec community with fresh and radical research in malware creation, mitigation and research.

Malcon Team

Atul Alex /a0drulez

FNS-AlexAtul Alex loves playing the guitar and swears by the abusive tolerance of perl. In his free time, he loves to break open things and look around. Other times he is busy cleaning his bike and taking its pictures. Alex chairs the conference and dreams of making the ultimate virus that can mysteriously make women speak and jump around him less.

Rajshekhar Murthy /bg

rajsmicon Rajshekhar Murthy happens to be in Information security by mistake. He is trying his best to get out of it. Malcon was an attempt in that direction. In his free time he watches lots of movies and rejoicely dreams of replacing cars by very-light-jets in every home. At work he brings crazy silly ideas every other day, much to the hatred of his team.